The Improv (Danish, Saad & Darius)

A Comedic Trio who are the torch bearers of Improv comedy in Bangalore


A decade ago, when the laughter echoed hesitantly in the stand-up scene of Bengaluru, filmmaker Saad Khan, along with Danish Sait and Darius Sunawala, embarked on an experimental journey that would redefine comedy in the city. This trio, now celebrating a remarkable decade, was an integral part of Saad Khan's pioneering venture into the uncharted territory of improv comedy.

Saad Khan, a filmmaker with a flair for humor, discovered his love for improv during his time at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Inspired by shows like ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ Saad decided to infuse Bengaluru's comedy scene with the spontaneity of improv. Danish Sait, and Darius Sunawala, stood by his side as they embarked on a journey that would make history.

In 2013, when stand-up comedy was just gaining momentum, Saad, Danish, and Darius introduced improv comedy to Bengaluru, captivating audiences with their quick-witted responses to unpredictable prompts. The nature of improv, where laughter is born on the spot, brought a breath of fresh air to the city's entertainment landscape.

However, the trio, known for their distinctive styles, contributed significantly to making improv a household name. Danish Sait, with his impeccable comic timing, and Darius Sunawala, adding his unique flavor, became an inseparable part of the success story.

The trio's chemistry on stage became the backbone of the show, turning each performance into a symphony of laughter. Saad Khan, with his vision, guided the trio in maintaining a lighthearted approach, steering clear of sensitive topics to ensure a trouble-free journey.

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